Words are very important and can be extremely powerful. If you want to grab someone’s attention in person, in your copy or even in email headlines here are 20 ways you can do just that.

Try these out in a conversation sometime with a prospect or client this month:

1: “What do you think of___?”

People love to give their opinions.

2: “Did I understand you right? You want to___.”

For example, you have a list of people who signed up to learn how to create a marketing funnel. “Did I understand you right? You want to build your first marketing funnel so you earn a full-time income online.”

3: “Wow, you’re such a good___.”

Give praise when you can. Did they show up for the webinar? Did they ask a really great question on email or social media? Do they consistently open your emails? Find something to praise.

4: Smile.

I know that no one can see your smile in an email. But why not start out with a smile emoji? It can have the same effect.

5: “I’m sorry.”

You made a mistake. Or they lost out on the chance to get your offer. Whatever it is, start out with an apology and make it real.

6: “Just like you, I’m also___.”

Whatever your common ground is, use it to build rapport.

7: “I was wrong.”

Persuasive people don’t brag about being right, but they do admit when they’re wrong.

8: “You are___.”

“You are my favorite customer because___.” “You are the 1% who take action because___.” “You are one in a million because___.”

9: “Thank you!!”

Gratitude makes people feel happier. And did you know that subscribers are more likely to reply or click a link if you end with a thank you?

10: Ask a question.

Not just any question, but something people WANT to answer.

11: Use the number 3.

People can remember 3 things. They have time to read 3 things. They respond to 3 things. Think about the 3 Little Pigs, The 3 Musketeers and Goldilocks, and the 3 Bears. Comedians use the number 3 all the time when listing things, making numbers one and two serious, and number 3 is the surprising punch line. The number 3 is magic.

12: Start with “Yes!”

All by itself, the word “Yes!” is persuasive. What comes after it is up to you.

13: “Gift enclosed.”

Who doesn’t love a gift?

14: “People just like you…”

People look to other people to see how to act and what to do. Never underestimate the power of social proof.

15: “Can you help me?”

People like to give advice and share their opinion.

16: Use science and data.

“3 out of 4 people improved their memory by doing this.”

17: “You are not alone.”

Whoa. This is one of the most powerful statements in the world.

18: “You.”

Instead of, “This thing works,” say, “I know this thing will work for you.” Anytime you write something, go back and see how many times you can add the word “you”.

19: “We.”

This is the “you and me” form of “we,” not the company “we”. As in, you and I (we) are in this together. “We both want ___ and together we can do this.” Company “we” is, “Here at XBC Company, we believe that___.” That’s okay, but you want to give the reader a picture of you and them working side by side to get a result for them.

20: “It’s like a ___.”

Instead of saying, “This is a comprehensive program,” say: “This program is like a 4-year university degree in social media packed into 90 daily lessons.”