How to keep from destroying your business

I spoke with a business owner the other day, who was blaming his customers for the slowdown of his business. He explained that his customers were turning to other suppliers. These suppliers cut their prices a little or made some things more convenient for the customers and he couldn’t compete with that.

He was wrong

Blaming your customers for the failure of your business, is like blaming your car for coming to a stop, because you didn’t change the oil or put gas in it. The customers you attract, the amount they spend with you and their decision to recommend you by word of mouth… is all because of YOU.

As the owner of a business, you direct the path of the business.

  • You decide whether to adapt your business based on the economy or blame the economy for the failings of your business.
  • You decide whether you market your business professionally or rely on ineffective, do-it-yourself marketing.
  • You decide whether you give customers an experience that they want to tell their friends about, or an average experience that is quickly forgotten.
  • You decide whether to invest in the expert help your business needs or get a nicer car a cool new gadget.
  • You decide whether to sell based on price or based on value.

It’s YOU who decides. Always!

That’s what a business owner does. She makes decisions, which directs the course of her business. If she doesn’t like the direction her business is heading, she adjusts her course.

To blame the market, economy, weather, government, competition, the color of your cat or anything else for your business failing is the wrong direction. Why? Because others have the same challenges and do what’s required to overcome them.

Excuses are easy to come up with. If you practice making excuses, your excuses will be so convincing that people, including you, start believing them!

It’s down to you.

So now it’s your move. What are you going to do about this? Give me a call or e-mail today. Let’s take a look at your business together and see if your marketing is set right for the online portion of your business.