Top-Business-ResolutionsDoes it make sense to have resolutions for our business? We often need to take a look at our businesses and reassess a number of things. Yet one can argue that there is only one business resolution and it revolves around attracting, servicing and maintaining customers. With that in mind here are the top 3 Business Resolutions in reverse order:

#3 Change Your Marketing

This doesn’t mean to throw out your current marketing and start from scratch. ¬†Marketing needs to change from time to time to keep it fresh and new. I spend a reasonable amount of time each week reading about new trends and working on new marketing for my business as well as others. The bottom line is that you can’t expect things to change if you keep doing the same thing over and over again.

#2 Become More Social

I hope you see this as being completely obvious. You have to be where your customers are and work to be consistently more attractive to them. I’m not saying physical beauty here, but your product or service has to fill a need for them and you have to attract them to the solution you are providing. Becoming more social doesn’t mean to post more on your current social medial outlet(s); it could mean that you need to be in more places. Some outlets are becoming less of a resource for small businesses. So follow your customers.

#1 Be Responsive

This could mean to respond quickly to questions and queries BUT where I’m going here is a responsive website. Currently less than 2% of websites are responsive in design. Here are the basic reasons why your site needs to be responsive.

  1. Responsive sites look great on any device, even when the device is rotated. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or a phone. It sizes to fit the device.
  2. Responsive sites give you a huge local boost. I don’t know exactly why, but a responsive site will show up higher in local search rankings. It could be that the search engines recognize that the site is ready for mobile visitors and they happen to know exactly which zip code you are in when you are searching.
  3. Responsive sites have only one URL for your individual pages. If you have separate mobile sites for different sized devices, the URL is different for each type of device. You not only lose ranking from “muddying the waters” but you lose even more from copying another site’s content even if it’s your own. The content isn’t unique.
  4. 61% of all searches in 3rd quarter of 2013 was from mobile devices. It has been steadily increasing each quarter and with more mobile devices being used every day. I expect it to be substantially greater in 2014 because of Christmas this year. Four of the top six Christmas gifts this season are “Mobile Devices.” #6 – iPod Touch … #3 iPhone … #2 Amazon Kindle … #1 iPad … Your site needs to fit on these devices.

Are you ready to make adjustments to your marketing and be more social? Are you going to have a responsive site in first Quarter of 2014?

P.S. Don’t know if your website is responsive, use this site¬† to see how your site looks on multiple devices.