WordsMy last post was on the importance of visuals, but there are a lot of times you have to use words to get you message across. The ability to communicate is an essential skill. You have to get your point across clearly or you will miss out on incredible opportunities to stand out as a leader.

Here are several tips to make your communication more powerful:

  • Research – you need to know your subject, your niche, your audience. You don’t have to be the know-it-all expert, but know what you are talking about.
  • Brevity – Get straight to the point. Adding more words doesn’t make your point stronger.
  • Clarity – Use the words that are required, but don’t use jargon and buzzwords that are unnecessary just to appear more knowledgeable.
  • Focus – Keep on track and don’t go on tangents. You are trying to communicate a message, not a novel.
  • List – Lists are great and allow you to communicate a complex message quickly.
  • Adapt – You will get feedback, weigh it carefully and change based on responses.

To communicate a powerful message takes some skill. Don’t rush, take the time necessary to craft your message. Is there anything I missed on this list? If so list it below and I’ll make adjustments.