Push-Marketing-ForwardHere are a few powerful ways to move your marketing forward in the new year.

#1 Be Proactive

It is so easy to wait around for something to happen and then react to it. You may think you want to avoid being reactive because it appears to be lazy. But people that have a reactive attitude are by no means lazy. Most of them are incredibly busy because they have no focus, no path, no goal. They are constantly scrambling, putting out fires and just trying to survive. But a proactive attitude gets you focused on goals. Measuring success, making adjustments and always looking forward.

#2 Stories Worth Sharing

This one is simple, what goes viral? Is it the video of someone sitting behind a desk just working, or is it a story that is worth sharing? Most great stories have a struggle that is overcome or a problem that is resolved through sacrifice and perseverance. So what is your story? What elements of your life can others relate to and be moved by your example?

#3 Be Criticized

This is by far and away the most powerful of the three. If you want your message to be heard, it has to be different! It has to be loud enough to be heard through all of the noise. In order to be truly successful, you need to get rid of the desire to be liked. Successful people threaten mediocrity.  And when you threaten mediocrity, you open yourself to be criticized.

Criticism draws even more attention and those being criticized are seen as leaders. Don’t worry about those judging you because you have become a leader. Many think that followers aren’t judged because they blend in, but the truth is that followers are judged just as much and just as harshly, it’s just no one cares. So you might as well be judged for being your unique self.

Can you think of a #4 for this list? If so, please comment below.