Make-a-DifferenceBusiness owners (and people in general) can be put into two very broad categories:

Those that make a difference and those that distract.

The Distractors – you’ve seen them, those people that fill the room with their perceived self-importance. You can’t get a word in edgewise, they constantly talk about their problems and… this one really gets me, they try to ram in their business. No matter what you do, their business is the ultimate solution without even asking you if it’s a problem for you or not. I’ve even had people in the same business as me try to sell me on their services, before asking me what I do. These are the people that you wouldn’t miss if they aren’t around.

The Difference Makers – these are the people you are naturally attracted to. They seem to always be calm and genuinely interested in you. They take notes, make connections, and do what they say they are going to do. They ask you about your ideas and they speak about you and how great you are to their friends when you aren’t around. If you want to be a difference maker, look at what you can do to positively affect other people. Build on that on a daily basis and you will quickly be seen as a Difference Maker.

What’s your first step to being a difference maker going to be?