No-FailureFear of failure is one of our biggest fears in business. What would you say if I told you, “There is no such thing as failure.” You would think I’m nuts and should be in a special room with soft padding. I can tell you that failure is nothing more than a mental construct we create for an emotional release. ┬áThat emotion could be anger, disgust, depression,… The only purpose of failure is to change our emotional state, nothing more. But you tell me that you didn’t succeed at something you wanted to and thus that meant you failed. To that I just say that you gave up. You didn’t fail you decided to stop.

As I see it we can either:

  1. Give up and wallow in some undesirable emotional state poisoning the attitudes of our friends and family, or
  2. We can learn and grow.

When a baby is trying to learn how to walk, how much time should you give them to learn? A few weeks, a couple of months, how much time exactly? You can’t answer it because you aren’t going to stop them from trying. They won’t let you because they see you walking around all the time, and they are going to keep trying until… There is no failure, because they haven’t stopped trying. They learn hundreds or even thousands of ways to not do it until they find the right way.

Your business is the same. You keep trying with a no fail attitude until you succeed. This reminds me of some song lyrics:

“I get knocked down, but I get up again. No one is going to keep me down…”

I dare you to tell me I’m wrong in the comments below.

Failure is a word just like age is a number.Failure is a state of mind as is age. Failure can be an opportunity if you are able to pick yourself, dust off the past, learn from the mistakes and have the fortitude to push ahead. It’s like age you can feel old and die, or you can forge ahead with love and anticipation of what’s still ahead and seize the moment. I hope all had a Blessed Christmas and Best Wishes for a really great New Year. By Rusty Boaeuf