CreativityWe are all creative, at lease every now and then. There are a lot of us tho that think that they aren’t very creative and I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. You were creative once, because all children are creative. If you don’t believe me just listen to them when it’s time to get ready for bed or clean up their rooms, you have never heard more creative reasons not to do what you told them to do. But you want to be more creative, and here’s how you do it.

First you need to take inventory of when/where you are your most creative. Most of the time it’s either early morning or late night when we don’t have many distractions around us. All of the problems and challenges we have been putting in our heads over the past hours/days/weeks have been processing in our brains and then BOOM, we have a brain blast and the idea is there. That spurt of creativity comes through. What are the common situations when those ideas come to you? If you want more creativity, you have to put yourself into those situations more often.

Here is the simple formula for creativity:

  1. Belief – It will work. If you keep declaring that you aren’t creative, you will make that be your reality. This is more than the power of positive thinking, it’s faith in yourself, and that’s good for you anyway.
  2. Situation – You have to put yourself into that place, physically, time-of-day and mentally. This isn’t zen, but I believe we are all our most creative when we have the least distractions.
  3. Record – You need a way of recording your ideas. That can be typing them, writing them down, voice or video record. This is so important, because that idea can disappear as quickly as you got it once the phone rings or someone comes in asking you an unrelated question.

That’s it. One can look at creativity as a skill. You have to practice creativity just like any other skill. So, what do you think? Will this work for you?