Don’t be afraid to say yes to spam

I don’t like spam as much as the next person. But for your website, you want to be hit by spam. Does that shock or surprise you? Of course you don’t want your site to automatically approve all comments. But you get some really interesting benefits from allowing open comment submission on your site.

  1. You get the traffic, even if you don’t allow it to be published
  2. Search engines see your site as being social
  3. SPAM is a gift that keeps on giving as long as you leave commenting open on your posts

The settings for WordPress are pretty straight forward, they are actually the default settings. Allow anyone to post, make sure they fill out a name and e-mail and finally only allow automatic posts if they have a previously approved comment.  That’s it. When a spam comment comes in, just mark it as spam and it’ll go away, but you will still get the benefits. Don’t be afraid to say yes to spam.