1. It’s an extremely powerful marketing tool.
  2. Considering all of the costs it it the least expensive marketing tool money can buy.
  3. The frequency and quality of your blog will show people your personality and reliability.
  4. Writing and specifically blogging makes you a better communicator.
  5. Blogging sets up your niche for the search engines, so new customers and prospects in your niche will find you.
  6. This gives you a creative outlet.
  7. You will meet amazing people and become one yourself.
  8. In order to keep writing good engaging content you need to spend more time reading and learning. So blogging makes you smarter.
  9. You can share your passions.
  10. Useful blog posts can spread virally through all the social media outlets including Facebook, twitter, pintrest…

And most importantly Blogging is a lot of fun.