It seems like I can never catch up.  I’m extremely good a prioritizing my time and getting everything done that needs to get done, but what I’ve been lacking is that sense of satisfaction from completing a task. It’s kind of like doing the laundry. You are happy to have it done and completed, but you know you’ll just have more tomorrow.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about quotes from various notable Entrepreneurs. One thing that’s resounded with me is a common theme that boils down to “Do work that matters.” That’s been my problem, I’ve just been paying the bills and keeping up with laundry so to speak. Even though there’s a place for that, I haven’t pushed myself into doing the work that matters. So I started scheduling time for “Work that matters.” A little bit at first, and more as my time becomes more flexible.

To that end I’d love for you to take a look at It’s a site I setup when my daughter started on the ketogenic diet, that I never found the time to keep up to date. That’s all changed now. It’s the work that matters to me. I want to help others with the same problems that my daughter has and will spend regular time working on that and keeping it up to date.