Excitement-PresentAs a child I always loved game shows where you didn’t know what the prize was going to be. Not because of the risk in not choosing the prize in your hand but the anticipation of what could be in the box before you. What is it and how can it make my life better?

Our businesses are very similar to that game show. You go to a prospective client and you show then a sealed box. You tell them that the box has a solution to a problem that they didn’t know they had. You continue by telling them that once they open it they would wonder how they ever got along with out it. They would thank you profusely for showing it to them and to top it all off, you tell them the cost is a fraction of what it’s worth.

What do you think their response would be? Of course they would be clamoring to know what’s in the box.

As business owners it’s our job to fill that box. Your product not only has to fill those promises but has to fulfill a need that they may not know that they have. It also has to do it so well, that you don’t need to spend a lot of time marketing what’s in your box. No amount of incredible marketing can make up for an average product. When you go above an beyond the average, your marketing becomes easy. Products rarely if ever sell themselves, but amazing products can speak for themselves. This is marketing that’s baked into your product.

What’s your product and what can I do to help you?