Honnest-AchievementsNo one likes someone who is boastful. I have been guilty of boasting in the past and have learned how detrimental it can be. But like you, we want others to know our accomplishments and feel comfortable with our work. We have to learn how to show the marketplace what we have accomplished and our capabilities. If we don’t, we risk very little success.

So how do you show your achievements without coming across as being boastful? Go with honesty, context and proof in that order.

For example, I can tell you that I helped write the first web browser, which is true, but you don’t have enough context to understand to what extent. I have to add that it was only 17 lines of code. It was pretty important at the time but became less so very quickly as that code was replaced before the initial release. But my idea, shaped the direction of the development. ¬†As for proof, I can only offer up an e-mail with the code from 1991. My name didn’t even show up as a contributor, since I was considered a contractor and thus work for hire.

That example leads to another point. Your achievements need to be relevant. As a web developer, online and network marketer having contributed even so briefly to the fist web browser, just tells you that I have been involved a long time, not that I accomplished anything. You need to show relevant contributions and achievements.

For example if you want me to develop a website for you, you will want to see some sites I’ve developed recently along with links to the currently running site as well as independent testimonials and reviews.

It’s so easy to lie and I see many people stretching the truth. I see many “companies” saying that they offer the complete package, when it is obvious that they are missing some basic things. They lie to their prospects either intentionally or ignorantly to get the contract, then they have to cover up their inadequacies with more lies. That hurts the client but in then long run it hurts your reputation more than anything.

For your business, you need to get the balance right. Most every business can have a portfolio. If it’s online and you can, link to your proof. Have a photo/screenshot of your accomplishment, context of how much influence you had on the outcome and finally a link to how someone can know that you did that work.