Be-HumanDon’t look for success in the mechanics of what you do. Yes, it is very important to be consistent, to follow the rules and get the mechanics correct. But if you think that’s all you need for success, your business will slowly wither. People don’t do business with robots, they do business with people and all the robots look the same.

You can learn the mechanics of anything you need to do your business. Bookshelves are filled with all the information you could ever want on the mechanics. To achieve success you have to be human and start stretching yourself.  Success is in the human element, passion, motivation, creativity, and courage.

  • You find success when you bend the “rules” so you stand out.
  • You find success when you create value.
  • You find success when you move others emotionally.
  • You find success when you have courage to challenge the norm and make something different.

A mechanical business looks just like every other business. Your success is in being human and showing your uniqueness.

Now it’s your turn, what other norms do you need to break from?