Avoid-Feast-and-FamineDoes your business go through financial ups and downs? I just found out that the difference in attitude between average athletes and the gold winning athletes of the same ability is less than 5%. These top 5% do that little bit more, have that extra commitment and sacrifice that tiny bit more. If the average athlete just knew that all they had to do is that little bit more effort, do you think they would do it so they could win? Of course!

Business is the same way. When we hit a low and our cashflow is down, we get hungry. So we start to do what’s necessary to get out of our state of famine. We put in that little bit of extra effort to propel ourselves to the top. As things level off and we don’t have to worry as much about cashflow, we taper off since we are comfortable. And the cashflow starts to drop. The dreaded feast and famine cycle begins and will continue as long as we don’t do something about it.

What’s the solution… it’s in that 5%. You have to stay hungry, even in the times of feast.