Six SidedThere’s nothing lucky about good marketing. Below are 6 key factors that I feel are most important to how you market and conduct business.

1. Don’t sell – Create a relationship

For many years there was that idea of a salesman that could sell ice cubes to an eskimo. There were a lot of books created around selling techniques and how to sell people. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being sold to. We know that business is about people and your relationship with them. People buy from people the know, like and trust. So stop trying to sell and start building relationships.

2. Shop your inbox

Want to know how to write a compelling e-mail. Look at your own inbox and what you opened over the past few days. Why did you open them and why did you read and click as far as you did. You can learn a lot of information  about effective marketing by looking at your own habits.

3. Easy to find hard to get rid of

If you want to attract more inquiries you need to be like a rash, easy to find and hard to get rid of. You need to use social media outlets everywhere your customers go and ll of that need to point back you your website.  Once there your customers must know immediately what you do and how to contact you easily. It’s also important for you to have a phone number listed.

4. Cultivate word of mouth

Think about some of the wonderful service you have received in the past and referred to your friends… free of charge. If something someone else did something for you that caused you to tell a friend about that service, then take a hard look at what they did to garner that advertisement. Find a way to duplicate it for your business.

5. Stand out

Most people don’t want to stand out. It’s very uncomfortable. But if you do the same thing as all of your competitors, what makes you different? Nothing. You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean to do something contrary to your core being, your character. You need to focus on what makes you unique and amp it up so you shine more brightly than all of those people that look and act the same.

6. Do your marketing NOW!

So many business owners want their marketing to be absolutely 100% perfect before it goes out. I once worked with a company that was very much like this. They were so terrified that their message wasn’t flawless, that they missed hundreds of opportunities to get their message out. This got so bad that they had to lay off over half of their employees, some who had only known a job there.

7. ???

What’s lucky number 7? I’d like to know your thoughts for another tips that’s paramount to improving your sales for your service or product. Please comment below.