FreeWith “Shop Small” coming up Saturday a lot of small businesses are going to push their advertising in multiple ways. For the short term use social media and of course send out to your e-mail lists. But after the rush of this weekend, take the time to advertise your business at these free services.  I’m not talking about search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. I’ll show you how to get those working correctly for you in another post. Most of these business listings will take less than 20 minutes to setup and will establish extra links to your site from really strongly ranked sites.

City Search



These aren’t the only places, but these are the most popular and a good start for any business. There are also a number of sites where you can “claim your listing” based on you phone number. If you have a brick and mortar business or you are a service based business that’s been around a while, they will already have some of your information there. Claiming your listing will allow you to:

1. Unify your description. Consistent data about your business from various sources strengthens your position.

2. Protects your reputation. Not that anyone would intentionally discredit your business (competitors) but controlling your listing will enable to lock out accidental changes to your information.

3. Backlink strength. Some people say that business listings isn’t really advertising because you don’t have an “AD” about a product or service. Business listings in many respects are better than an ad, be cause it adds legitimacy to your business so your advertising messages will show up better all around.

So did I miss any of the major business listing sites?