I must admit this is a problem I have had as well.  The operative word here is attract.  Attract has noting to do about the client and everything to do about yourself.  Why are “self improvement” seminars so popular in businesses that require marketing?  It’s because you decide who you work with and the work you do.  Here’s how you get more interesting work, have more freedom, get paid more and generally obtain clients that respect you:

1) Value your time.  Time is the one thing you can’t get more of.  No amount of money can ever purchase you more time, so time is MORE valuable than money.  Once you truly realize that, and set the value of your time properly, your clients will too. If you want your clients to value your time, you must value your time first.

2) Learn to say NO. I’ve been hit in the past by what can only be called “The worst case of scope creep in history” and I brought it on myself because I didn’t set parameters and expectations properly.  Clients are looking for a deal just like everyone else.  They want to get as much work for a minimum price.  They will ask for more work out of you for no extra compensation.  You have to be respectful of yourself and say no. If they baulk at that, you really don’t need them as a client.

3) Do what you love to do.  Don’t take on any and every project.  Be selective and only work on the projects you want to do that you enjoy and have fun.  If you keep taking projects you don’t like, you will continue to be offered those same types of projects.  You will get a reputation.  It takes a concerted effort to change your reputation.

4) Socially talk about the things you love to work on.  This could be a blog, Facebook, Google+, twitter, whatever the outlet you need to show your passion.  This doesn’t mean that you should repeat what other people say.  You need to create your own content, your own reviews, your own opinions. Make it unique and exciting.

5) Be. An extremely short sentence, but it is packed full. If you “Be” you will become and people will perceive you as such.  It may take 21 times to make a habit, but it take 27 times for people to truly see you as you are and want to be.  So “Be” the person you want to be and you will attract the clients you want and need to continue being.

What do you think is necessary to attract better clients?