People just love to talk. Why not give them a reason to talk about you and your business? Everyone knows that Word-of-Mouth advertising is second to none. A personal referral from one of your clients or contacts holds a lot more weight than any print or media advertisement paid or otherwise. Here are several reasons people will spread the word about you.

  1. By spreading the word about you, you may spread the word about them.
  2. Because you spread the word about them for some time, they feel obligated to spread the word about you.
  3. They trust and value your opinion and feel compelled to share your wisdom.
  4. Something you have said stuck in their mind as being remarkable, profound or very brave.
  5. Using you as a source they can defer attention to you, but they can still create an association with your brand.
  6. They can gain your attention by spreading your word and look well informed.
  7. Something you said was of particular value to them or some one they know who needs that help.

Those are just some reason why people will spread the word about you. First create a fantastic product or service and then give them a reason to talk.