I just read a poorly conceived article that over generalizes and over simplifies the entire world of Online Marketing. This is my response.

Be careful how you over generalize. Just because someone is called a social media expert, doesn’t mean they don’t know how to connect your business with customers. When people wanted to find a local business they would go to the phonebook and look at the local ads that were roughly categorized by industry. Now it’s quicker to go to a search engine and type in a search term. What is the most effective way for that local business to appear in that search result?

You make it sound like everyone knows how everything works and all they need to do is write better. That is not the case. The social aspects of the Internet is constantly changing that you may need someone that has a passion for this type of marketing to make it work for you. If that’s a so called “Social Media Expert,” then fine. But if your business has all the customers it will ever need, then that’s fine too. Don’t hire someone that works to bring people to your door be it a physical door or a virtual door.

Just like every other industry you need someone that has a proven track record and can create repeatable measurable results. The dude that plays games on Facebook is likely not the best choice for your business, unless that’s your business. You wouldn’t give a camera to 5-year-old to photograph a wedding. You need someone that knows how to use the tool effectively for that industry. There are a lot of social media tools and not all of them work for everyone.

The underlying aspect of social media is relevancy and you make that happen through content that is worth sharing.