In many years to basically corporate work I’ve found that the regular mode was to be constantly in a reactive state.  It actually feels productive to “put out fires” so to speak.  Sit around and wait for something to go wrong and then fix the problem.  You get your sense of accomplishment and you save the day.  Most people don’t like to be in a frantic state, but when a problem arrises they are there to heed the call.
The smart person will then look at the situation and see what’s necessary to eliminate the specific problem from occurring again.  They will find what they need to put in place, who to call or what procedure needs to be followed for future prevention.
The really smart person will not try to fix the specific problem from ever happening again.  Yes that’s right, they won’t put anything in place, find people to call or create new procedures.  They will look back and see what they did to create the problem in the first place and fix that.  It’s not about fixing problems or putting out fires but changing a mind set.  In your business, once you resolve a problem you must go a step further than fining a way to fix it in the future and figure out the underlying source.  If you don’t your business will plateau.  You need to find out why you attracted the “bad customer” in the first place or what prompted the decision of purchasing that specific equipment.  Will you have to fix the customer’s problem or replace the equipment, sure.  But a different mind set will put you on a path of finding better customers, and more reliable equipment as a practice than putting in temporary solutions to fix a flawed mindset.