I received an interesting article about Google Ranking and it had a statement in it that is by most means completely wrong, “Most People have nothing to worry about. What Google is doing is getting rid of lousy, irrelevant, top-ranked websites.”

That statement seems be to reasonable, but what the author of the original article failed to mention is that that Google lowers the ranking of relevant, poorly constructed websites as well. The bulk of these sites are small businesses that use a prefab template, poorly written copy, on a minimal budget. If they do get a “professional” to make a custom site for them, it is often their cousin Carl who took a class once on computers.

You see the people who make these top-ranked sites, eat, live and breathe SEO and as fast as Google changes their “secret sauce” they adapt their top-ranked sites to stay top ranked. So what do you do to battle to get your site in the search for your target?

1) Make your site fast. It has to load any page in under 2 seconds. That will require optimized pages/code, and a decent hosting provider.

2) Make your copy engaging, relevant and direct. Keyword stuffing doesn’t really work. One concept per page. Make your content worth sharing.

3) Make your site dynamic. You have to have some sort of data changing on a regular basis. Even it if it’s help tips. You don’t have to write a novel each day. Just a simple paragraph. Make a schedule of publishing and keep to it.

4) You have to use their tools. All the major search engines have web developer tools that allow you to track, map and configure your site. Use those tools and the search engine knows that you mean business.

5) Get other people to link to your site. Be it through social media or direct links between sites.

Can you do this yourself? Certainly, but if you need help or don’t have the time, send me an e-mail and I’ll see how we can help you.