As I’ve been working with my own marketing, there are a few things I’ve began to realize.
1) Social marketing does not replace traditional marketing. It depends on your market as to how valuable one is over the other, but in order to maximize your market you need to do both.
2) Social marketing is not free. That’s because time is more valuable than money. You can always get more money, you can’t get more time. So dropping an ad in a paper or magazine may give you a greater return on your time.
3) The only type of marketing you don’t actively cultivate is word-of-mouth. With social and traditional marketing you have to spend both time and money. But word-of-mouth will grow on it’s own. So you need to be the best you can be so when word-of-mouth starts, it’s positive.
4) Word-of-mouth does not happen from your lower prices, timeliness, or even the quality of your work. Those are all expected. It happens from customer support and your attitude. So taking a loss on one project to make a customer extremely happy can net you more work and better work in the future.